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Hello and welcome to the Dakota Doodles website. Dakota Doodles is family operated. We are located in the open spaces of the upper Midwest. Raising dogs has been a part of our lives for 15 years.  Dakota Doodles started when our son (A big player in Dakota Doodles) wanted to breed our beautiful Australian Shepherd “Annie” to a poodle, he repeatedly asked for the opportunity to raise doodles. Annie was a beautiful Red Merle and truly a member of our family, living life and working with us every day. She had a heart of gold, guarded the acreage; but most of all gave lots love and attention. After researching the doodle breed, we very carefully selected the healthiest genetics to be the foundation. We fell in love with the doodles, they truly are everything we had been looking for and more. They have brought endless love and excitement to our family. Dakota Doodles starts with quality genetics, endless love and giving puppies the best start in life. The parents are members of our family, we have dedicated spaces in our home to accommodate the ages and stages of our puppies. Everyone in our family contributes in some way to the day to day cares and companionship of puppies. All puppies are born in our nursey and then transitioned to play pens as they grow. They are exposed to lots of socializing at an early age.  Our passion is raising quality, well socialized, healthy and loving puppies that become life long loving family companions. From our family to yours it is truly our pleasure to place our puppies in loving family homes.  

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Doodles are a hybrid between two dog breeds, one being a poodle and another dog breed. The Golden retriever and the Australian Shepherd are commonly used with poodle crosses. Some research has suggested that by cross breeding, undesirable traits of a particular dog breed maybe lessened. Genetic testing is very valuable in determining what dogs are used for breeding. Our philosophy is to use dogs that are sound and free of genetically undesirable traits.  While doodles are typically hybrids it is important to maintain healthy genetics. We strive to create puppies that are both phenotypically and genotypically sound to live long happy lives in their forever homes.

Types of crosses:

First Generation (F1) refers to the first generation of off spring from crossing a poodle with another breed, such as a Golden Retriever or and Australian Shepherd. (F1) puppies would be 50% poodle and 50% of another breed.

First Generation Cross Back (F1B) occurs from crossing a poodle with a (F1) doodle (Aussiedoodle or Golden Doodle). (F1B) puppies would be 75% poodle and 25% of another breed. Puppies from this cross are desired because they will be likely to have very little shedding. More suitable for someone with allergies.

Doodles are generally known to be friendly, loving, gentle, loyal, sweet and docile. Our experience with the doodles has proven this to be very true. In addition to the above, they are smart with a good-natured likeable personality, who seek to please. Doodles are a good candidate for a therapy dog training. They seem to be naturals at it, we often call them “love dogs”. Doodles have been referred to as “Einstein dogs” because they are so smart. The characteristics and qualities of the doodles make them a great choice for kids of all ages and for being a family companion. Each dog regardless of the characteristics general to the breed will be unique in its way! 

 Doodle coats deserve attention of their own. One of the greatest desirable physical characteristics is the coat of the doodle. They are known to be low to non-shedding. The coats of a doodle will vary in texture and color.  



Doodles just wouldn’t be possible without the poodle. This breed has been held in high esteem for many years and especially for its intelligence and elegance. According the AKC, they are active, proud and smart and rank at the top for breed popularity. We agree with this totally! We love the curly hair. Poodles are also known to be duck retriever hunting dogs and very athletic. Poodles love to splash in the water and run-in wide-open spaces.


The poodles are categorized in to three sizes:

Standard: 15” tall at the shoulder

Miniature:  15” and under at the shoulder

Toy: 10” and under at the shoulder.



F1 Aussiedoodles are a cross between a poodle and Australian Shepherd.

F1B Aussiedoodle is a Hybrid Cross between a F1 Aussiedoodle and a Poodle.



Mini: Height 12-18 inches | Weight 15-35 pounds

Standard: Height 18-24 inches | Weight 35-70 pounds


Coat Colors:

The Aussiedoodle coat has striking and unique color variations.    

*Tri-Colored (Merle)








Coat Texture:

*Wavy *Curly


*Intelligent *Smart *Loving * Affectionate * Friendly * Seeks to please *Cuddly* * Sweet* Good-Natured* Loyal* Friendly.


Aussiedoodles playful and yet gentle, they are very genuinely devoted to their owners making them a very good candidate for a therapy dog.




F1 Aussiedoodles are a cross between a poodle and Australian Shepherd.

F1B Aussiedoodle is a Hybrid Cross between a F1 Aussiedoodle and a Poodle.



Mini: Height 14-18 inches | Weight 26-35 pounds

Standard: Height 19-25 inches | Weight 45-80 pounds


Coat Colors:

The Goldendoodle Colors variations include:


*English Cream




* Red


Coat Texture:

*Wavy *Curly *Relaxed Curl


*Intelligent *Smart *Loving * Affectionate * Friendly * Seeks to please *Cuddly* * Sweet* Good-natured* Loyal* Friendly


Goldendoodles have very loving & affectionate personalities, they are intelligent, abundantly friendly, very social and laid back. They truly seek to please. Goldendoodles have the potential to be good water and hunting dogs too!

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