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Our Puppies

Typically, Dakota Doodle puppies are ready to leave at 8 weeks of age. Dews claws have been removed within the first 48 hours of birth. We do not dock the tails; we like the fluffy tails and how they curl. Puppies will be up to date on all vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. We have a veterinarian recommended protocol we use for vaccinations and de-worming medications.  Vaccinations are very important in keeping your puppy safe as it leaves our environment and enters a new place. Your new puppy will have 2 series of shots before leaving our place and will need a 3rd series by 12-16 weeks of age. All puppies are guaranteed they are of good health before departing our facility.

Our Puppies
Purchasing Doodles

Purchasing Doodles

Please contact us by email at if you are interested in purchasing a Dakota Doodle puppy. A deposit and purchase agreement are required on all purchases. A deposit will reserve the puppy of your choice and give you the opportunity to pick from future litters. Payment options include cash, certified check and Venmo.

We are now taking reservations on future litter and puppies in training.


Sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in South Dakota.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Please contact us regarding the pick-up and delivery option that works best for you and your new puppy. A flight nanny option can be arranged, new owner is responsible for the fees associated with airline flights, such as the airline approved crate, transportation fees to the airport, veterinary health certificate and the airline tickets. We can meet you at the Sioux Falls, SD Regional Airport, if you chose to transport you new puppy home yourself.

Pick-Up Delivery
Doodle Care

Doodle Care

Just a few things we think are very important to mention.

  1. Nutrition: we always recommend feeding a high-quality puppy food for the 1st year of life and then switching to an adult formula thereafter. There are many excellent brands to choose from, we highly recommend consulting your veterinary if you have questions.

  2. Grooming: we recommend a professional groomer and using a brush for keeping coats clean and well cared for.

  3. Dental Care:

  4. Health: it is very important to establish a new client visit with a Veterinary. We recommend scheduling an appointment within the first 3 days to have your puppy examined and checked over. It is important to schedule for a final series of puppy vaccinations around 12-16 weeks of age, depending on the Veterinary’s protocol. Please consult with them on a variety of topics including vaccinations, deworming medications and flea and tick prevention.

  5. Potty Training: takes time and patience, we have found an abundance of information available on the internet, please review resources. Consistency and gentle training is very important.

  6. Safety: Its important to always be with your puppy when they are outside, be very cautious about public locations. Puppies at 8 weeks of age do not have the full immunity from vaccinations, it is important they are not exposed to something, especially until they are fully vaccinated. Ivermectin is medication commonly used to treat heart worms, some Australian Shepherds have experienced an intolerance to this medication, please check with your veterinarian regarding the use of Ivermectin with Aussiedoodles. Please be aware of the foods and plants that are toxic to puppies.

  7. Read: We recommend reading books and internet resources on the following topics; Potty training, crate training & behavior training (it is important to start this early).

Shopping List

Puppy Food

We recommend a high-quality puppy food for the first year of life, we will send a sample package of the food your puppy has been receiving along with your puppy. We are happy to give our favorite picks, but we highly recommend you visit with your Veterinary on food as well.


Feed and Water Bowls

We recommend stainless steel versus plastic.

Crate with bedding

We recommend a crate that will accommodate the growth of your puppy, please look at the puppy profile for the expected size.  Keep in mind that a crate is a safe place for your puppy.


Harness collar and leash

A harness collar is a good beginning for puppies.


All puppies are microchipped.


Fi Collar

We recommend a Fi Collar, click here to learn more!

Grooming Brush

We recommend a slicker brush.

Chew Toys

Puppies like to chew, we recommend keeping chew toys around, they may find a shoe as a toy they like too!

Shopping List
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